Church Picnic

Although we did not have photos taken this year, we ALWAYS enjoy a day gathered together for a large picnic!
Our first thank you goes to Mission Retreat Fellowship. Thank you, MRF, for allowing us to utilize the grounds every year!

This successful year of the church picnic and our celebration of pastor Sean’s not actual birthday was smaller than usual due to some family vacations, but it only brought more unity to the people who attended! This picnic is always full of conversations and fun. We were so full of chatter that we never made it to board games this year! If you were curious, here are some activities we participate in every year: water balloon dodging games, volleyball, basketball, food and more. We always enjoy Helen’s potato salad and Sean’s strawberry rhubarb pie! This year we were provided ears of corn for the first time, thank you, Ron! We always have so many contributors, from men on the grill (Henry) to desserts (Kevin brought cheesecake bites– YUM), salads, veggie trays and more!

Thank you to everyone who contributes yearly and those who participated this year!

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