Tree Untrimming Party

Avoy Christian Church annually has decorations up for Christmas, but the church loves to provide the opportunity for people to help put the decorations away in January! This year we had a turn out of 14 volunteers, on January 8, to help undecorate the church. The most memorable part of the party is the ugly sweaters we are encouraged to wear, and watching the ornaments go back into the box. Although it is sad to see the decorations be put in the attic, the reminder we have of Christ coming to the earth is an encouragement we remind one another. We remember that Jesus came to be present with us, and His light is within us. Together, Christ is present and working.

Avoy Christian Church finishes the evening with a meal prepared by the pastor and a few other volunteers. The group of volunteers are also fans of board games, therefore, many people tend to stay late and enjoy the company of one another over fun games!

Considering the pending storms are bringing services to be online tomorrow, (check out our facebook page here) we are thankful to enjoy some fellowship with one another beforehand. This party has proven to be an encouraging time to both people who have attended from the community, and to church members.

We hope you consider joining us for future events just like this one!

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