Christmas Play

18 December 2021

This Christmas, Avoy Christian Church set out to perform a play that was written by two members of the church. There were many hands involved in making this performance possible, and it was a success! The actors and actress’ had an overwhelmingly emotional performance that made many people reflect on the lesson taught in the play. Many of the participants ended up being the people who needed the message the most. That just goes to show that God knows what is best for all of us.

As the main character, Mike, struggles to find time for God, his family and paying the bills; Mike wishes he never existed. While insisting the world would be better off without him, a guide comes alongside him and makes this wish come true. After seeing the world without him, Mike realizes how much of a difference he can and does make in other people’s lives.

Making God our center with the first of our time, money and energy is better for us. But sometimes we stand shaking our fist at God asking “why??”. This performance led to a short message given by Pastor Sean about our priorities.

Is serving God your first priority?

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